Ep.38: Oscar DeLaHoya’s Auntie

On this weeks Episode, We talk about: PoC's Winnin' at the EMMYS  Denny's New Shitty Mascot DACA student targeted at Transylvania U.  Trump Not on the California Ballot in 2020? The Apocolyps is now... well saturday.   PoC of the week-  Collin Kaepernick  __________________________________ Check out our sponsor:   SmallBudgetWebdesign.com/299special __________________________________ BuffetboysPodcast.tk Follow us on social media: Twitter … Continue reading Ep.38: Oscar DeLaHoya’s Auntie


Ep.37: Pull Out Gang

On this episode of the Buffet Boys Podcast: Joel Osteen Charlaton Trump continues hoeing baby momma ain't shit ways. Now ending DACA; his great heart; Kelly getting screamed on NCAA football season is here; upsets and bloooooowouts! Qatar got the skull cap stadiums Burning man literally burned a man The pull out method is gaining traction … Continue reading Ep.37: Pull Out Gang

Ep.36: Money Mavi$

On this weeks episode: Mayweather vs McGregor duct tapping the babys to chairs Trump:wall and rally US getting that final notice Millionaire winner: young mavis Bobby E. Lee cant call bball game Traveler (sc mascot racist) Centerpiece to SC's $700m project misspelled Shakespeare im late. better call in a bomb threat. abstinence-only ed doesn't work Taco … Continue reading Ep.36: Money Mavi$

Ep. 35: General Hate

This week on the Buffet Boys: •Lepage back at it w his bullshit •Mayweather vs Mcgregor: No one cares? •Illinois passes resolution asking for neonmazi groups to be labeled as terrorist groups. •Steve Bannon got his boiled chicken skin fired •Memphis Pastor wants to eat Niki Minaj's ass __________________________________ BuffetboysPodcast.tk Follow us on social media: … Continue reading Ep. 35: General Hate

Ep.34: Usher Doesn’t Chunky Dunk

On this weeks Podcast: Usher don't fuck w BBW’s Air dropping dick pics Uber driver getting brolic Zbo arrested "Jail Blazers" Marshawn doin marshawn Mariah Carey can't dance cuz she don't wanna Kodak black and his life coach….Master P Charlottesville Riots __________________________________ BuffetboysPodcast.tk Follow us on social media: Twitter and IG: @Buffet_Boys http://www.facebook.com/BuffetboysPodcast BuffetBoysPodcast.Tk   … Continue reading Ep.34: Usher Doesn’t Chunky Dunk

Ep. 32: My name is Pickle

On this weeks episode we talk about:   HBO getting Hacked Threes Company: The LBJ, Kyrie and Steven A. Story Pablo Trumpcasso art sells for $300,000 Its all about that Moocci Penis enlargment death/ Dick stats __________________________________ PoC of the Week: Shannon Pringle- Owner of Radical Dream Pins https://www.radicaldreams.net/ __________________________________ BuffetboysPodcast.tk Follow us on social … Continue reading Ep. 32: My name is Pickle